e-Solutions - Information Technology and services.

Welcome to the Information Technology pages of AABDC BV,Londerzeel, Belgium. Our ICT services and solutions are situated in the following domains:

  • IT Architecture definition.
    • Promos project Vlaamse Gemeenschap ESF.
  • IT interim management
  • I.C.T. management on a contractual basis.
    • NMBS Syntigo.
  • Project and program management.
    • Program manager responsible for the decommissioning of Dexia's data centers in Belgium.
  • ORACLE Database Administration (DBA). It is clear that this is hands on.  (Oracle, Schlumberger, De Post, SWIFT, BNP PARISBAS, NBB, ING, Recordbank, Partena Professional)
  • UNIX system management and tuning (more than15 years of experience) with SUN (SunOS, Solaris 8,9,10) and HP (HP-UX), linux and predecessors (sco). Scripting perl, ksh, ... (25 year experience starting with BIM - then the importer of SUN microsystems in the BELUX)
  • Installation, configuration and management of ux based web and application servers. (Schlumberger)
  • Loadrunner performance studies. (Schlumberger)
  • xml based E-Document Management Systems installation, configuration, maintenance of Empolis sigmalink server and workbench, Arbortext Epic and Arborttext E3 server (generation of pdf and html from an xml source). (Schlumberger)
  • Web based application development and maintenance with open technologies (java, xml, sql, perl, c, php, drupal, ...). This site.

Please ask for the profiles of our consultants and our references in large organisations: ORACLE, S.B.S., N.M.B.S. Belgian railways, Government organisations, International defence organizations, Eurocontrol, Noveon, Schlumberger, Sofitech, SOPHIA, SNS, De Post, Syntigo, Dexia, D.T.S., SWIFT ...

AABDC BV is also a Value Added Resellers of hardware and software from quality brands like Apple, HP, Cisco, IBM, Lacie, ... products we obtain trough distributors or directly from the vendors.
We are Microsoft partner, Apple development partner and member of the Oracle technoloy network.

AABDC BV's hosting solutions AABDC is also providing hosting solutions for web, e-mail and application hosting.

AABDC BV is managed by Jan Peeters (an experienced IT professional lic. informatica VUB) with a carreer of + 30 years in Information Technology as a consultant and manager.

See also the profile of Jan Peeters on linkedin.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for additional information or to receive a copy of my detailed cv.